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The mission is driven by its three Educational Pillars:

1. Ensuring student success along with Swiss education academic excellence.

2. Managing the institution efficiently in terms of organization and allocation of resources.

3. Engaging with local and international partners through mentoring, internships, research, company placements and transfers.

Our mission

• Attract professor and students with high leadership and research potentials
• Provide students with all the necessary knowledge to successfully adapt to the labor market and speedy growth in all endeavors.
• To deepen students’ knowledge about the world of finance and business, inspiring the development of innovation.
• Comprehensive assistance to students in the learning processes not only of core subjects, but also cultural enrichment also of the cognition of society.
• To keep a small number of students in the classroom so that you can personalize your training as before, focusing on each student separately and thereby increasing the impact.
• Encourage student curiosity and activity

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О Geneva Business School

Geneva Business School was founded in 1995 by the Association of Bankers of Geneva to train employees of private banks in Switzerland in international banking. Since 2001, GBS began to teach in other areas, including finance. Since 2012, GBS has begun to expand and create campuses in new geographic locations. At the moment, GBS campuses are in Switzerland, Spain, OAU, Saudi Arabia, the United States and Kazakhstan. The university conducts training in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in the most sought-after specialties in business, finance, marketing, management, oil and gas.

Our contacts

   Charles de Gaulle Street 3A, 4th floor
   8 707 615 22 57
   8 7172 24 90 10
   st. Kunaev 77, BC "Park View"
   8 701 321 15 75
   8 7173 21 23 19
  st. Zheltoksan 17, "Rixos Khadisha"
   8 702 208 20 20


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