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Geneva Business School

Geneva Business School is a leading Swiss business school with an international approach to education dedicated to the preparation of a future generation of world leaders. GBS encourages students to develop their intellectual potential and achieve excellence. Our training programs correspond to all parameters of complexity and globalization of the current century. These programs are developed with the help of innovative educational concepts and are taught by an alliance of the most famous professors in their fields. We would like to encourage you to constantly develop, grow, increase your knowledge and responsibility.

Our values

Personal growth

Knowledge creation

Pursuit of excellence

Honesty and integrity

Our advantages

Personalized Education

Our professors constantly interact with our students, creating relationships that provide support and guidance beyond the classroom. Our focus is on developing a continuous link between learning and knowledge sharing, and the small class concept allows for more personal interaction between the student and the teacher.

ACADEMIC Excellence

GBS promotes innovation, leadership and excellence, encouraging students to stand out from the crowd and create unappealing ideas. Our commitment is to keep highly professional faculty in the business world and the desire to share information and knowledge.

Multicultural environment

The products of innovative ideas and culture are becoming more globalized every day. That's why all our programs are designed to answer the need for constant updating of knowledge, new developments and trends in the world.

Swiss quality of business education

At Geneva Business School we offer an exclusive and privileged education inspired by the ideal of Swiss quality. Due to the concentration of selected specialties, GBS strives to provide a better future for all our students.

Guaranteed internship

All our students have guaranteed internships in leading organizations of the world. Thousands of GBS graduates have already proven the quality of our knowledge and were invited to lead positions in the global market.

Leading programs

Our programs contain information that will be extremely relevant and useful for students in the course of their entire career. In GBS, there is sensitive management of the student, which helps develop critical thinking and logic.

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О Geneva Business School

Geneva Business School was founded in 1995 by the Association of Bankers of Geneva to train employees of private banks in Switzerland in international banking. Since 2001, GBS began to teach in other areas, including finance. Since 2012, GBS has begun to expand and create campuses in new geographic locations. At the moment, GBS campuses are in Switzerland, Spain, OAU, Saudi Arabia, the United States and Kazakhstan. The university conducts training in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in the most sought-after specialties in business, finance, marketing, management, oil and gas.

Our contacts

   Charles de Gaulle Street 3A, 4th floor
   8 707 615 22 57
   8 7172 24 90 10
   st. Kunaev 77, BC "Park View"
   8 701 321 15 75
   8 7173 21 23 19
  st. Zheltoksan 17, "Rixos Khadisha"
   8 702 208 20 20


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