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At Geneva Business School we are always looking for good research partners. If you feel that your work aligns with our values and current areas of interest please get in touch with us.

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Workplace Motivation Project

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Our values

GBS Research activities are driven by the following key values:

  • Commitment to the public good, human and business development and social change.
  • A commitment to excellence and accountability to stakeholders and public in general.
  • Respect for pluralism and diversity.
  • Transparency, integrity and honesty.

Our current areas of interest

GBS research activities study and analyze the broad concepts and issues of leadership and business in the 21st century as they affect the ongoing sustainability of enterprises in the emerging global reality. The initial fields of interest are:

  • The contribution of business and corporate governance to human development and social change.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, including risk management on sustainability and environmental issues.
  • The development and impact of emerging disruptive technologies and business models in the workplace and society.
  • Cross-cultural, cross-market and global, business leadership with a focus on sports, energies and lifestyle industries.

Research Application Process

When we receive your application it will be considered at the next meeting of our Research Committee unless there is an urgent time issue in which case we may agree to consider it between meetings. If the decision is made to grant funding a member of the Research Committee will be appointed as your key contact and they will offer support and guidance until the conclusion of your project.

Please note that only projects that clearly align with our values and our current priorities will be considered. In addition support is given contingent on the public recognition of the role of GBS in each successful project. This support must be acknowledged in all publications, conferences and any other avenue of dissemination for the work.

We want to collaborate with researchers who share our values and our fields of interest, but we will only give very modest grants to applications that have already secured or are in the process of securing funding from other research bodies, companies or institutions.
Our Research Committee, formed by research coordinators from around our campus network, considers applications for funding every April and October. To enter the process you need to complete this online application form.

Join us!

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О Geneva Business School

Geneva Business School was founded in 1995 by the Association of Bankers of Geneva to train employees of private banks in Switzerland in international banking. Since 2001, GBS began to teach in other areas, including finance. Since 2012, GBS has begun to expand and create campuses in new geographic locations. At the moment, GBS campuses are in Switzerland, Spain, OAU, Saudi Arabia, the United States and Kazakhstan. The university conducts training in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in the most sought-after specialties in business, finance, marketing, management, oil and gas.

Our contacts

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