As a local and international site for global education, Geneva Business School maintains membership with the following organizations:

FEDEThe European Federation of Schools is an international non- governmental organization (INGO) with the status of a member of the Council of Europe. Since 1963, it has been devoted to the promotion and application of basic educational rights and the integrated use of universities and independent educational institutions around a common goal: to create a truly European educational space. Perfection, which took shape through specific tasks.

The Swiss Federation of Private Schools (SFP,)consists of 260 schools, including some of them the most significant and oldest in the country. About 100000 schoolchildren and students from more than 100 countries, including Switzerland, students of Swiss private schools. Schools and colleges related to SFPS offer innovative and personalized services oriented towards educational goals. We are glad that you want to know more about the services offered by our member schools.

The Geneva Association of Private Schools in Geneva is proud of a long tradition in the field of education. Consisting of 45 schools, Geneva is an important member of the Swiss Federation of Private Schools. Stability and security of Switzerland create an ideal environment for serious study of subjects. Geneva offers ideal conditions for the students scientific and personal preparation for life in the modern world.

CCIG is a private association, CCIG is designed to represent, promote and protect the interests of the citys trade, industry and services as part of the common interests of the Swiss economy.

CEEMAN The Association for the Development of Management of Eastern and Central Europe (CEEMAN) was founded in 1993 with the aim of promoting the development of management and management education in Central and Eastern Europe. The main activities of the association include educational programs for teachers and staff of institutions of management development.

ECIS is a global organization whose membership provides opportunities for professional development for international schools, individuals and educational organizations. ECIS is the leading joint global network for promoting and supporting the ideals and best practices of international education.

MAISThe Mediterranean Association of International Schools is a professional organization that strives to improve the quality of education in its schools, and also creates the effect of communication and exchange, which promotes international understanding. At present, MAIS consists of schools in Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Cyprus and Abu Dhabi. In addition, several schools, colleges, universities, publishing houses and enterprises specializing in education also have the support of MAIS.

CEESAsponsors a wide range of activities. Student cultural events, festivals and all kinds of sports, as well as much more. CEESA supports the teachers of its schools through Teachers Job-Alikes (JALs), and other kinds of resources. In addition, there is an annual conference that brings together 250 teachers who interact socially with each other and help career growth. CEESA organizes a series of meetings per year for school administrators to improve their skills of teamwork, planning and dialogue.

The – Tri Association.The Association of American Schools of Central America, Colombia, the Caribbean and Mexico aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning opportunities in these regions, explore ways to achieve the understanding of international education, provide a pathway for communication and cooperation among member organizations, and foster cooperation with national, state , local and non-governmental organizations in the field of international education.